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Transgender feamales in Malaysia, relating to HIV and Islam: a qualitative learn of stakeholders’ impressions

Transgender feamales in Malaysia, relating to HIV and Islam: a qualitative learn of stakeholders’ impressions



Globally, one of several key organizations regarded as at dangerous of getting HIV are actually transgender lady, frequently a marginalised group. Inside Malaysian setting there have been a scarcity of posted analysis regarding transgender girls, a sensitive concern in a Muslim vast majority region, exactly where Islam takes on an influential function in society. Additionally, there has been a paucity of analysis for just how these dilemmas associate with HIV anticipation in transgender ladies in Malaysia.

Hence, the objective of this research will be check out the conduct of stakeholders taking part in HIV protection coverage in Malaysia towards transgender women, because of the Islamic perspective.


In-depth interview are undertaken with stakeholders taking part in HIV prevention, Ministry of Health, Religious Leaders and individuals coping with HIV, such as transgender lady. 35 members are hired using purposive eating from Summer to December 2013 within Kuala Lumpur and close vicinities. Interviews had been directly, audiotaped, transcribed verbatim and utilized a framework study.


Five crucial concepts come about from the qualitative info; ideas of Transgender females as well as their set in Our society; contacting Transgender Females; Islamic philosophy; ‘Cure’, ‘Correction’ and ultimately, mark and Discrimination.

Topic: Islamic rulings about transgenderism had been the justification provided by participants chastising transgender girls http://www.datingreviewer.net/lesbian-hookup/, whilst there were in addition more advanced mindsets and space for controversy. Persistent adverse perceptions and mark and discrimination produced a climate in which transgender people frequently appear confident with non-governmental companies.


The problem of transgender feamales in Malaysia and HIV prevention was an extremely painful and sensitive and complicated ecosystem for most stakeholders, due to the Muslim situation and newest appropriate process. Despite this obvious impasse, there are certainly practically possible places that may be improved upon to optimize HIV prevention facilities while the earth for transgender women in Malaysia.


Globally, one of the secret groups regarded as at perilous of obtaining HIV include transgender lady, identified with regards to these studies, as lady allocated a man sex at delivery but whom diagnose themselves as being women. Transgender lady usually portray a marginalised group and a ‘very highest load people for HIV’ [1]. In an in depth meta-analysis and systematic evaluation conducted by Baral and peers, an evaluation on the relative HIV stress in transgender female ended up being completed like 15 region which uncovered a pooled HIV prevalence of 19.1per cent in 11,066 females worldwide together with the probabilities rate to be affected with HIV for transgender lady compared to all grownups of a reproductive young age got 48.8 [1]. The writers deduce that there is an ‘urgent demand for prohibition’ in transgender feamales in a group which are often perhaps not included in national HIV security and decide things, just like engagement in high risk anal intercourse with males increasing their particular vulnerability, including stigma and discrimination in medical configurations as limitations to being able to access HIV cures providers [1]. From inside the UNAIDS avoidance break document, essential communities like for example transgender women are perhaps not reached by current prevention efforts [2]. The indonesia Pacific Trans plan for medical doing his thing evidently describes ‘trans girls as disproportionately suffering from HIV—yet there are insufficient programmes or providers targeted to fulfill trans-specific require’ [3]. Research has figured transgender ladies are at improved risk of HIV from things, such bad erotic conduct, professional love-making services and mark and discrimination [4]. Operario and friends carried out a meta-analysis and located the prevalence of HIV ended up being greater in transgender feminine intercourse staff members than transgender women that failed to participate in sexual intercourse efforts, 27.3percent and 14.7% correspondingly [5].

Plus, Transgender females typically are in issues or need a very high problem of health factors rather than HIV instance psychological problem and material neglect [6], and even pervading societal discrimination which can make a barrier to obtaining medical care [7]. This is the instance throughout the world as well as in the Asia-Pacific part in countries including, Malaysia [8].

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